The manor park

Parken på Hertonäs Gård
photo: Antti Hentinen

The magnificent park was laid out in the 1810s according to plans by Carl Olof Cronstedt. The garden was a great comfort to Cronstedt, particularly after the Finnish War 1808-1809 when he faced treason charges. The carefully laid out park is still admired and Cronstedt is often referred to as a "master of horticulture".

The long linden alleys, grass parterres and ornamental bushes form a strict and pure entity in true Baroque style. From the flora of the original garden, which included various berry bearing and decorative bushes, is left but a pear tree. The main alley of the park leads to a gazebo reminiscent of an antique temple. The gazebo was Cronstedt’s favourite spot for contemplation. It was designed by Carl Ludvig Engel.

At the South-Eastern corner of the grounds, the park changes into a more irregular English-type landscape as if opposing the stiff formality of the Baroque. The winding paths and multitude of ponds create an impression of nature's own handiwork. Another Neo-classical gazebo is found in the English garden. This octagonal building was also designed by Engel.

Hertonäs Gård
photo: Jouko Keski-Säntti
The park was restored in 1995-1999. Trees in various states of decay were pruned, but in all other respects the park has been kept intact. The park is maintained by the Helsinki City park department. As a museum and recreational area the beautiful Herttoniemi Manor provides city people with great pleasure and comfort. Read more here.