Welcome to Herttoniemi Manor!

Herttoniemi Manor Museum is open Sundays from 12 noon – 2.p.m. Guided tour including also the park starts at 2 p.m. Entrance fee: adults 5€, children 2€

From the beginning of October until the end of April the museum is closed.

Guided tours for groups can be booked on info@hertonasgard.fi 

Photos: Jouko Keski-Säntti


1st Jan. 2019 Candidate in History Ralf Palmgren (above) has been elected as new headguide for Herttoniemi manor's museum. 

PhD Eva Ahl-Waris (below) has been elected as new curator for the museum. 

We can be reached by phone +358-40-1526185 or by e-mail info@hertonasgard.fi