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Eva Ahl-Waris
(intendent, intendentti, Curator)

Foto/kuva/photo: AS 2019.

More Digital Visibility for Hertonäs Manor Museum in 2020

20.04.2020 kl. 17:07
Exceptional times requires exceptional measures to renew and change how we work. Also Hertonäs Manor Museum will be more visible in the internet on various platforms this year. A step in the right direction was to start this blog in January 2020. We will increase our digital visibility even more this year. Read more below!

Museums are beginning to become more digital and also in Hertonäs Manor Museum we follow the trend. In case we cannot be open regularly this year to the public, we must meet oline. Finnish Museums Association has a Walless Museum application that is to be investigated – many museums already participate. Walless museums mean that we can get info, stories, pictures and sound directly to our mobile phones. Many museums also enlarge their webpages and digital dispalys.

Part of the public artwork displayed in 2019-20 made by our partner #tarinalyhty . Photo: EAW 2020.

Last year we produced a project with #tarinalyhty in our park with public works of art and a mobile game. It was made together with local schools and other institutions here in Helsinki. We hope that this type of projects could continue in the future. You can still visit the artworks and play the game until the end of April 2020.

We have recently started a Youtube-channel and we will try to make videos and stream programs from the museum aswell as build digital displays (you are most welcome to follow us on Youtube and Facebook). We try to be accessible digitally even if we have to be closed physically. Right now we plan various events to be streamed from our museum in June and August 2020. A part of this digitalization was also to start this blog in January. Digitalization is inclusive.

Ad for our public artwork with #tarinalyhty - in the right corner a QR-code that linked to the mobile game. Tarinalyhty 2019.

If our plans are realized we will stream events and film videos from the museum together with our partners in Herttoniemi such as Stadin puutarhuri, DOT r.f. and #tarinalyhty and many more. We will present info abotu it here on our webpages, in our blog and on Facebook aswell. All in all, we will return shortly with more digital info, stay tuned!
Eva Ahl-Waris