The Bright Future is… both Analogous and Digital?

25.01.2021 hrs 16:07
The year 2021 has started with restrictions due to covid-19, but in the field of museums one has started to view the future with optimism none the less. The museums have learnt to be more digital during the past year, but events in situ are also on the menu if all goes well. A museum exists through its collections, but it also belongs to the local community that asks questions about its past that the museums try to answer. Read more about our plans at Hertonäs Manor Museum in 2021 below!

After a difficult year it is good to sum up what we have learnt and how to move forward. In the field of museums the digitalization has probably taken a leap forward last year. At Hertonäs Manor Museum we continue to write this blog and publish info on out webpage and on Youtube. We will also start a long process of creating a digital database of our collections. More about this project will be published later on. Other things, like streaming events and creating e-paths, will also be on our agenda. 

Interior from the 1st floor in the main buildning, Hertonäs Manor Museum. Photo: SOV.

But we would also like to create analogous programs on the site: to be able to visit the actual museum is very important. The society DOT will continue with the popular timetravels and we hope the lovely Christmas Path will be arranged normally in December! Together with various partners we hope to arrange both digital and analogous events this year. At least we got the hang of it in 2020!

In 2021 we work with many interesting projects together with #tarinalyhty, European Heritage Days, restaurant Wanha Mylly, Helsingin Kävelyfestivaalit and others. During the spring term we also arrange courses with Arbis and University of Helsinki (Magisterprogrammet i Kultur & Kommunikation and Historia) - among other things the students will create a miniexhbition at the museum for the summer 2021. We will tell you more about this last project during the spring, stay tuned!

Interior from the 1st floor in the main buildning, Hertonäs Manor Museum. Photo: EAW 2020.

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