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Tickets: 7 (adults) / 3 euro (children over 10 years)

You can also use the Museokortti (Museum card) here

You can book guided tours during the whole year

Please, contact us: phone +358-40-1526185, or e-mail: info(at)

Tickets can be bought at the museum


Adults: 7 euros
Children (over 10 years): 3 euros
You can use Museokortti (Museum card) here


Prices for Guided Tours


Basic Tour (about 1 h)


  We welcome groups throughout the year. Our basic tour starts in the 2nd floor of the museum and visits the 1st floor, the parks and ends in Knusbacka farmstead. Unfortunately we have no elevator in the museum. During October to April guided tours only in the main building of the manor.

Prize: 150 euros / group (10 persons or fewer), 250 euros / group (11-25 persons). Larger groups are split so that the guides only have about 25 persons per group. Prizes for larger groups: 26–35 persons 300 €, 36–50 persons 400 €. Entrance ticket included in the prize.

Prize reduction: Dining at the Wanha Mylly restaurant entitles to a price reduction of 30 euros. Minimum prize is 150 euros.

Book your tour, phone +358-40-1526185, or e-mail: info(at)! You must cancel at least five days ahead of the guided tour. Otherwise the full price will be charged. Welcome!


Special Tours 


Historic Park Tour (ca 1h 15 min.)

On our historic park tour we take a longer walk in the parks and visit one of the gazebos and the main buildning of the manor at the end of the tour. We discus plants and ideals without forgetting how one tended gardens both then and now. 
Prize: 250 euros per group (max 25 persons).


The History of Film at Hertonäs Manor (ca 1h 15 min.)

On the tour presenting the history of film at Hertonäs Manor we take a tour at the spots were many Finnish films från the 20th century were filmed. The tour starts at the main buildning and ends at Knusbacka farmstead. 
Prize: 250 euros per group (max 25 persons).


Women's History at Hertonäs Manor (ca 1h 15 min.)

Our tour about women's history at Hertonäs Manor starts from the main buildning, goes through the parks and ends in Knusbacka farmstead. We hear stories about ladies both noble and common and their lives in the 18th, 19th and 20th C. 
Prize: 250 euros per group (max 25 persons).

You can discuss the content and lenght of the tour with us while booking your tour, phone +358-40-1526185, or e-mail: info(at)! Welcome!




Hertonäs Manor - from Landed Property to a Museum (S. Backman): 20 euros
Tidsresa med Svenska Odlingens Vänner (S. Backman): 10 euros
And other books in Finnish and Swedish are also avaliable in our shop. 



Postcards 2 euros per card

5 cards 6 euros

With museum card at least 15 % of from following products

Bondens liv: 12,5 €

Byar och gårdar i Helsinge: 12,5 €

Chopin CD: 4 €

Gubbacka: Keskisajan arkea Vantaalla - Medeltida vardag i Vanda: 12,5 €

Helsinge församlings historia: 4 €

Postcards: 1,5 € / per postcard och 5 postcards for 5 €

Tidsresa med Svenska Odlingens Vänner (S. Backman): 8,5 €