Harvest Festival in the Sunlight in 2020

15.09.2020 hrs 13:18
Last Sunday Hertonäs Manor Museum arranged a festival with various programs with harvest theme at Knusbacka farmstead. We had a lot of fun and the weather was very nice this time. Read more below!

The museum arranged a ”Harvest Festival” at Knusbacka farmstead on Sunday 13th September 2020. The farmstead is situated north of the main buildning in the area beloning to the museum. Last year we arranged this event for the first time, but it rained all day. In 2020 we had to limit the advertisement to local and social media due to the covid19-pandemic. This year it was free to visit Knusbacka and the happening gathered about fifty visitors of all ages.  

The Dyers' Guild presented how yarn is dyed with plants. Photo: EAW 2020.

The day began in streaming sunlight and became a fantastic day for the Dyers’ Guild (Värjärikilta ry.) to present their acitivity and show how to dye yarn with plants and mushroom.

Heidi Palmu and her family’s show presented folkdancing and folkmusic with harvest theme. The day ended in a mass outdoors with the Finnish parish of Herttoniemi (Herttoniemen seurakunta).

Outi Lantto led the service at the mass outdoors in Knusbacka's yard. Photo: EAW 2020.

The main buildning was also open for visitors. Hertonäs Manr’s own honey, produced by our bees in Knusbacka via Hive Five, and our own blend of tea (Hertonäs Manor’s Tea) was sold here. The tea is produced by Oy Sergejeff Ab, but we will tlle you more about these products later on i other blogtexts.

Thank you to all visitors and partners for a perfect day!
The event was a part of the program during the European Heritage Days (#EHDs).