In Memory of Carl Olof Cronstedt

07.04.2020 hrs 13:38
Hertonäs Manor was owned by admiral Carl Olof Cronstedt (1756–1820) during the 1790s and again from 1813 onwards. Today we mark the 200th anniversary of his passing in Hertonäs 7th April 1820. In our book historian Sigbritt Backman writes about his last moments and about his mausoleum that was built next to the church St. Laurentius in present day Vantaa. Read more below!

Carl Olof Cronstedt, the owner of Hertonäs (Herttoniemi) Manor from 1813 forwards, passed away peacfully in the precense of his wife, Beata Sofia, and his sons, Gabriel Anton and Carl Olof. Their daughter, Hedvig, and her husband Abraham Stjernschantz, were in Stockholm at the time. Later on her mother wrote to her to tell about the episode:
”He was unnaturally tranquil and resting and at peace, helped himself until the last day, spoke until his last moments. Thursday at about 6 he asked me and the boys to visit him, told them his will, gave them his blessing and advice. He asked me to grief gracefully. [---] Then he asked the vicar to bless hem and on Friday  at ¾ 5 he shut his eyes. [ ---] Adieu, Gud bless you, think of me and the boys, do not forget your loving mother.”

Cronstedt's mausoleum in Vantaa, next to the church St. Laurentius. Photo: EAW 2020.

Carl Olof Cronstedt had wished to be carried to his grave by his own farmers. He was buried next to his parish church in Helsinge parish, present day Vantaa. The Herttoniemi area became a part of the city of Helsinki as late as in 1946. Carl Olof had also been born in Helsinge parish, at Botby (Puotila) manor.

Later on the family built a mausoleum were Carl Olof was laid to rest. It is planned by the architect Pehr Granstedt, who also planned the new neoclassicist facade of Hertonäs manor. The mausoleum resembles on of the gazebos in the park. The neoclassicist style was fashionable in the early 19th century. Carl Olof’s wife, lady Beata Sofia, was also laid to rest in the mausoleum when she passed away in 1840.

Cronstedts coat of arms is visible over the door to the mausoleum. His wife Beata Sofia Wrangel av Sauss's coat of arms is to the right. Photo: EAW 2020.

Herttoniemi manor museum and our partner DOT r.f. will honor the memory of Carl Olof Cronstedts passing 200 years ago this year. We will tell you more later on in 2020!

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