Museums more Popular than Ever!

09.02.2020 hrs 13:49
In the paper Hufvudstadsbladet today is an article that claims that the number of visitors in the biggest Finnish museums is rising. The Museum Card has become as common as a library card. In Herttoniemi Manor Museum we also doubled our amount of paying visitors last year from about 300 to 600. And many more participated in our free events such as Helsinki Day and Christmas Path. Read more below.

In the newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet (Hbl 9.2.2020) today an article discussed why museums are becoming more popular. The big museums, such as Kiasma, Helsinki City Museum and The National Museum of Finland have doubled the amount of visitors in 2019. It is more common to have a Museum Card and visit various museums in the country. Herttoniemi Manor Museum also had more visitors of all ages last year. Thousands also visited our free events.

Knusbacka farmstead is a part of Herttoniemi Manor Museum. Picture: EAW.

The museums provoke to recall issues in our age. This is a good thing; our society needs literacy and ideas, experiences and visions. These things and values may be on the rise. Questions about identity can be reflected upon in history – and in museums and historical buildings, and sources. From 2004 onwards DOT r.f. has made so called time travels in Knusbacka farmstead, which is a part of Herttoniemi Manor Museum. Knusbacka was transferred here in the 1920's and 1930's from Sipoo and represents the Finnish Swedish culture. Our guided tours also end here, where many guests can reflect on how everyday life was for most Finns 100 years ago. Many recognize things from their grandmother's house etc.

Herttoniemi Manor's main building is from 1815. Picture: SOV.

This year the museum will find out if we can take the Museum Card in use. We want to offer a time travel in local history – but the history of the manor reflects Finnish history broadly aswell. Herttoniemi Manor Museum is a small, private museum, but we have many interesting things to discover – a stroll away from the metro station Herttoniemi. Kindly mail us, if you are interested in visiting us!