Welcome 2020 - but first a look at 2019!

10.01.2020 hrs 13:55
This is the first of Herttoniemi Manor Museum's blogentries, but hopefully not the last. With this we would like to welcome a new decade and celebrate the fact that the museum soon has existed for 100 years. But last year, 2019, was a productive one and it is time for a short look back.

Herttoniemi Manor goes back to the late Middle Ages and the famous main buildning is from 1815. The area includes a Barock park and an English park as well as a farmstead, Knusbacka. The museum is run by a private organisation, Svenska Odlingens Vänner i Helsinge r.f., established in 1906. Since 2019 PhD Eva Ahl-Waris has worked as Curator and BA Ralf Palmgren as Head Guide. We cooperate with various organisations and acteurs as DOT r.f., Stadin Puutarhuri, #tarinalyhty, Folkdansringen and the restaurant Wanha Mylly.

DOT r.f. arranges teh Christmas Path. Photo: EAW 2019.

During last year we had a lot of activities in the museum, such as so called timetravels with DOT r.f. Stadin Puutarhuri arranged a large event on Helsinki Day (12th June) and we had program at Knusbacka on the Night of the Arts, among other things. #tarinalyhty produced a public artwork in the park. We wish all this will continue also this year! 

History's Muse is a public artwork displayed in the park. Photo: Tarinalyhty.

Our free walks in the parks were very popular. On sunny days as well as rainy ones we managed to get hundereds of participants all in all. We will continue to develope these types of walks also in 2020.

The museum is closed untill April, but you are welcome to book a guided tour at any time. Please, contact us by mail! Welcome!