Internship at Hertonäs Manor

The last week in April the museum was visited by an intern. Read more below!Read more »
Ebba Randelius
29.04.2022 hrs 13:10

Our New Curator Presents himself

In April 2022 a new curator started at Hertonäs Manor Museum, MA Ted Hellsten. Read more about him belowe!Read more »
Ted Hellsten
21.04.2022 hrs 14:42

Young Interns for a Day at Hertonäs Manor Museum

Two pupils from Hoplaxskolan’s junior high in Munkkiniemi spent a day as interns at Hertonäs Manor Museum to get a glimpse of work at a museum. During a few hours they tried various light tasks under the watching eye of the curator. Read more about their day below! Read more »
Eva Ahl-Waris
16.03.2022 hrs 14:27

The Lady and her Maids - not Always in a good Relation

Many servants of Hertonäs Manor have been working here during the centuries, but the cooperation was not always so smooth between the lords and the labourers. In one case the lady of the house gav her maid bad grades and in another case the maid disappeared without a trace. Read more below! Read more »
Eva Ahl-Waris
08.03.2022 hrs 14:28

Hertonäs Manor as a Museum for Professor Topelius 1925-1958

From the 1920’s to the 1950’s Hertonäs Manor had a museum för the writer and professor Zachris Topelius (1818-1898). The first curator, Paul Nyberg, was the grandchild of the writer and created the exhibition in 1925 together with his relatives. Today we still have a few objects from this phase in the exhibition at the museum. Read more below!Read more »
Eva Ahl-Waris
13.02.2022 hrs 14:32

Looking back at the Museum’s Year 2021

The year 2021 is over and the museum has a break during the winter, but in any case we can have a look at what occurred in the past year. The corona pandemic continued with restrictions, but we still enjoyed a big crowd and many groups, like back in 2020. In 2021 the Christmas Path with DOT became a huge hit. We also had pupils and interns at work. And we arranged an exhibition in cooperation with the University of Helsinki as well. Read more below!Read more »
Eva Ahl-Waris
29.01.2022 hrs 14:35

Exposition Universelle 1889

Today Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The capital of France has a long and rich history from the medieval period to the French revolution and to the modern age. There are many famous attractions in Paris such as the Louvre, Notre Dame de Paris, Arc de Triomphe, Palace of Versailles and of course the Eiffel Tower. The Exposition Universelle (world’s fair) 1889 is known for introducing the Eiffel Tower. But what has Paris 1889 and the Eiffel Tower got to do with Herttoniemi Manor Museum? When I went through different photo albums at Herttoniemi I discovered that Helene Bergbom (born Gripenberg) has left behind an album with pictures from the world’s fair 1889 and there were many interesting pictures in the album. Read more down below!Read more »
Karl Heikkilä
12.01.2022 hrs 14:40

Retirement Contracts – On Aging as a Farmer and a Burgher II

The signings of retirement contracts (Swe. sytning) remained important up and into the 20th century – a fact that proves their importance to the denizens of the Finnish countryside. The last people living as so called sytningshjon lived to experience the birth of the national pension system in the 1930s, before national pensions and urbanisation eventually made the retirement contract system redundant as a primary form of retirement. The contracts could also be signed by burghers and their relatives. Read more below!Read more »
Ida Karlgren
21.12.2021 hrs 14:47

Retirement Contracts – On Aging as a Farmer and a Burgher I

Through the ages many homesteads have switched hands via something called sytning/syytinki, amongst others Hertonäs manor. But what is sytning? It’s a phenomenon that has had many other names, depending on what Nordic country and region you’re from, but no matter what it is called few know it’s meaning and importance nowadays. Originally, the meaning of the word is to take care of something or someone, but it came to mean much more - as a form of retirement contract, sytning was the main form of pension for most property-owning farmers for centuries. Read more down below!Read more »
Ida Karlgren
13.12.2021 hrs 14:51

Antique Style at Hertonäs Manor

Earlier this autumn we heard the news about many volcanic eruptions on the island La Palma in the northern Canary islands of Spain. There has been many big volcanic eruptions around the world through history. In many cases these have had a vast impact on history. One of these volcanic eruptions occurred in 79 AD. At this time the volcano Vesuvius 10 kilometers southeast of Naples erupted. This influenced among other things the style that now is represented at Hertonäs Manor for all to be seen. How is the volcanic eruption reflected in the present exhibitions? How does the Antique period still affect what is displayed at Hertonäs Manor? In this blogtext I will focus on this theme. Read more below for more information about Vesuvius and Antique influences on Hertonäs Manor. Read more »
Ralf Palmgren
29.11.2021 hrs 14:53

Thorvaldsen Museum

Of all the collections that I have catalogued, none of them has been as unique as a collection of pictures taken across Europe. In a photo album with a lock, which belonged to Helene Bergbom (née Gripenberg), there are many photos taken from different places in Norway, Denmark, Germany, France (the Louvre) and Sweden at the end of the 19th century. Most of the photos are taken in Norway and the photos depicts different buildings in Oslo (back then known as Christiania), a stave church and beautiful landscape shots. But the most interesting photos of the album was from Thorvaldsen Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark. Read more down below!Read more »
Karl Heikkilä
19.11.2021 hrs 15:07

Some Thoughts on a Sustainable Future

During the last few years there has been discussions about how to support the environmental movement and a sustainable future in museums. Hertonäs Manor Museum has worked with this for a few years now and we strive to develop so called green values. This was recently discussed at an international congress arranged by ICOM and at a local seminar arranged by Helsinki City Museum. A small museum like ours still has many aims to support the development. Read more below! Read more »
Eva Ahl-Waris
15.10.2021 hrs 15:09

The Outhouse at Knusbacka Farmstead

Knusbacka is an old farmstead from the era of Swedish rule in the 18th century. The farmstead has been moved from Box in Sipoo to Hertonäs manor and its surroundings in eastern Helsinki during the 1920s. An old outhouse is also remaining on Knusbacka’s yard. The guides at Hertonäs Manor Museum usually present it to the public during the guided tours at Hertonäs manor and Knusbacka farmstead. Guided tours are arranged on Sundays at 2 to 3 PM from May to September. The guides also present the farmstead and the outdoor toilet for booked groups. What makes an old outdoor toilet interesting? How did people relate to excrement in the old peasant society? Did the outdoor toilets have other functions during an era when most people lived on rural farms? Read more below.Read more »
Ralf Palmgren
19.09.2021 hrs 15:13

Photography in Hertonäs Manor

Photographic history is filled with many inventors and inventions, which all together have contributed to photography as we know it today. Most breakthroughs were made during the first half of the 1800s, when different chemical components, materials and mixtures were developed. Photography quickly gained popularity among all socioeconomic classes. Read more below! Read more »
Ida Karlgren
08.09.2021 hrs 15:15

A Nobel Prize Winner was Here!

My internship at Herttoniemi Manor summer 2021 has been an informative experience to me. Thus far in my job I have catalogued over 2000 photographs to the website Desky and they have showed me much about the history of Herttoniemi Manor. One particularly interesting photograph I bumped into earlier in my internship was a photo of an old man standing in front of the main building of Herttoniemi in 1934. The man on the photo is none other than the Nobel prize winner in literature Verner von Heidenstam (1859–1940)! Read more down below!Read more »
Karl Heikkilä
29.08.2021 hrs 15:20

Svenska Odlingens Vänner i Helsinge r.f. - the Society that Runs Hertonäs Manor Museum

Hertonäs Manor Museum is owned and run by a society, Svenska Odlingens Vänner i Helsinge r.f. (SOV) that was formed on 21st January 1906. During this period many large social changes underwent in Finland and people took active part in modernaizing the country. This was the fact with those who also formed SOV. Read more below!Read more »
Eva Ahl-Waris
28.08.2021 hrs 15:24

A Day in the Life of a Guide at the Hertonäs Manor

During the last five years I have worked with museum pedagogy at the Hertonäs Manor Museum, mostly as a museum guide. During this time I have had a lot of interesting experiences - the job is never boring! Read more about my experiences below! Read more »
Daniela Fougstedt
07.08.2021 hrs 15:26

First Finnish Horror Movie Filmed at Hertonäs Manor

I started my internship at Hertonäs Manor Museum on the seventh of June 2021. Up to now I have catalogued over 1000 photos (more than 60 collections) from the picture archive of Hertonäsi Manor to the Desky website. There are still more photos to catalogue and later this summer the physical collection needs to be photographed and catalogued. When I catalogued the collections, I bumped into a collection of photos of a movie that has been filmed at Herttonäs Manor. The name of the movie is The Old Baron of Rautakylä (Swe. Gamla baron på Rautakylä, Fin. Rautakylän vanha parooni) from 1923. Read more down below!Read more »
Karl Heikkilä
25.07.2021 hrs 15:27

On Conservation

We started our internship at Hertonäs Manor Museum June 7th. As I write this a few weeks later, I’ve scanned about 300 photographs and documents from the picture archives of the museum and uploaded them to the Desky website. The work is far from done – at least 300 more photos and pictures are waiting for their turn in the scanner. Moreover, they’re all to be tagged with keywords, sorted, put into new, light blue paper enclosures, and finally stored in the fireproof archive drawers. All of this strives to make the collections available for present and future generations. Read more about my thoughts on the subject below!Read more »
Ida Karlgren
11.07.2021 hrs 15:32

A New Piece to our Collections

Hertonäs Manor Museum can, like other museums, get a small amount of new objects to its collections. But the object ought to be very special, since the space is limited. This year we have bought a drawing by Carl Gabriel von Spången, whose father Bengt Gabriel owned the manor in the 18th century. Read more below!Read more »
Eva Ahl-Waris
25.06.2021 hrs 15:34